Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, or “L.A”, is one of the largest city of the United States. Known for its climate and its diversity, Los Angeles has the center of the entertainment industry: Hollywood. The city is divided into five sections: The Valley, Hollywood, Downtown, Westside, and Beach Cities.

First of all, you have to get active on Venice Beach when you arrive in the City: take rest on the white-sand or get a coffee at the local Fitgree’s Café. Then you have to see the sights of the notorious Hollywood because stars and celebrities are never far from you in L.A. You can just take a look at the famous hand prints at the Chinese Theatre or go to the Getty Center to enjoy the most beautiful paintings of the world.

Do you like shopping? Rodeo Drive is your place! The biggest shops are on Rodeo Drive and you’ll enjoy Anderson Court, a shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Finally, you cannot avoid the famous Disneyland or Universal studios: families, couples, friends… Everybody will appreciate a day or two in one of these famous Parks…